How to Use Garageband?

Apple’s GarageBand app offers musical enthusiasts tools and technologies right out of their dreams. It turns your device to a portable music studio and helps you create magic whether it is of music production, mixing previously made tracks, editing or songwriting. Working with GarageBand is fairly simple as the interface is quite user-friendly. 

  • Apple only provides the basic GarageBand skeleton app. In order to effectively utilize the various features, you must download the entire library by going to GarageBand toolbar, selecting Sound Library and from there choosing the ‘Download All Essential Sounds’ option. 
  • When you open the application, it shows 8 pre-existing simple templates to start recording your tracks with ease. With the help of trap-type instruments and given effects, according to the type of music you have in mind, templates are available for songwriters with choice of instruments, audio and drumming qualities as well as for those wishing to try out electronic music there is a range of EDM and mixing options, it also provides the same for Hip-Hop and Amp Collection etc.
  • If you do not wish to choose from any of these, you may start with an empty record and select the type of track you wish to make- options range from vocals and guitar amps ins in Audio to Drumming sessions and Virtual Instrument Software that you can operate with a MIDI controller(a hardware or software instrument that transmits Musical Instrument Digital Interface data to produce sounds) online or through your Mac keyboard. 
  • A wide number of pre-recorded audio clippings are also available for the user to put directly in their composition. These are called Loops.The loop icon is available on the top right corner and you can find the specific type of loop by Instrument, Genre or Mood filter.
  • These loops are directly linked and colour-coded to the track templates available namely Audio, Drummer and Software Instruments for easy access to editing.
  • An EQ tab while editing helps in showing parametric equalizer for track currently in composition.

The variety of features and tools present in this app might be a little overwhelming to new users and a lot for professionals who prefer customizing their tracks very keenly, but this app allows for maximum experimentation with no cost and thus remains the Apple music lovers’ top choice.