How to get Garageband for Chromebook?

GarageBand is an excellent app for creating music, but unfortunately, it is only available for Apple users. Don’t be upset if you are an android user, as android users are increasing day by day, so there are many alternatives available to GarageBand. NOTE: There is no official GarageBand app available for android. This era is a golden age for all music lovers. As today you can carry music studio in your pockets in the form of mobile apps. Music app doesn’t matter; the talent inside you matters. If you are a music enthusiast, then you can easily create music with its alternatives so let’s discuss them.

Well, Most of us don’t want to spend money on our hobbies. So, we have taken some of the best free GarageBand alternatives that you can use If you are a beginner. These alternatives will be the best pick for those who don’t want to spend money right now on music tools. Don’t worry; these free tools will help you to create your music.

Tracktion Waveform free

You can add unlimited tracks, instruments, and do everything of your choice. Waveform free does include some primary effects, and you can also add third-party plugins if you want to add. The best feature that I liked the most is the pattern generator tool this will automatically create a MIDI pattern for you; based on the style that you want. Another excellent feature new feature is “sandboxing”. In case if a plugin doesn’t work properly or becomes unstable or crashes instead of crashing the entire program the plugin will just be disabled, You can also re-enable the plugin or you can completely remove it from your projects.

The application offers you two versions one is the free version. It just doesn’t have add-ons and advanced features that waveform pro has. You get an improved piano roll, improved audio engine the micro drum sampler, which is an easy to use sample plugin Plus you also get the 4OSC synth along with the same workflow that makes the Tracktion DAWs stand apart from the rest. ( I will not recommend you to buy its premium version if you are new in the music field).

I personally founded Waveform to be very quick, and it user-interface helps me to focus on my music creation. You can try and see how it works. The only drawback is that the action panel is located on the right side( Which could be disturbing if you are doing long term work).


  • You will also get Mater mixing plugin. ( This plugin really helps in mixing music).
  • It supported both normal laptops as well as apple desktops.

Cakelab by Bandlab

Cakelab is one of the complete music software available on the web; I am saying complete because it comes with several virtual instruments and effects that are of excellent quality. You will get everything that is required to create music. It used to be a paid-for premium digital audio workstation before it became a free DAW known as sonar platinum. You are not limited to a particular thing there are no limitations, you can have unlimited audio MIDI instruments and auxiliary tracks in all of your projects. They have recently added cool tape emulation and saturation effects.

The free virtual instruments included with cakewalk are a bass guitar instrument, a drum kit, piano, and a string instruments. They all have some decent presets that cover a variety of styles of music. You have to download the band lab software to install cakewalk, but that’s a minimal price to pay for audio production software that you’re getting for free. The one drawback associated with the cake lab is that its desktop version might work slow on slower laptops.

Pro Tools First

The upside of pro tools first is that you’re getting a fully functional digital audio workstation with all the tools which you’ll need to write/ record and polish your music skills. It also comes with lots of MIDI or software instruments that you can use to fill out your projects, and its functions are just like pro tools. The other big plus point of pro tools first is that it’s a top-rated program so you can find many tutorials all over the youtube. Are there any drawbacks of pro tools first? I would be telling you two drawbacks.

  • You can only do 3 songs at a time but it also can be a good stimulus to make sure that you’re actually completing your songs and getting them finished before you move to another song.
  • It is not necessarily a drawback it’s just your wish if you want to upgrade from pro tools first into full pro tools program than you’re probably going to spend about 600$ which is a large price point. ( Although it is not necessary if you are a  beginner).

Overall, Pro tools first is an excellent program for creating music for free; incredibly it is a little brother to the big pro tools like GarageBand. So now let’s move to our last alternative.


I can’t review with my personal experience as I haven’t used it, but I do have some of my friends that have used it and enjoy it. Reaper is another free program, that comes with all the tools that you need to improve your music. The best part that I liked the most is that you’re not limited to a particular song. You can edit multiple songs at a time, The con side of reaper is that it doesn’t come with MIDI or software instruments. and to me, that’s a big con because when I am working on a song. I want it to be more than just one voice. I’ll need some software instruments to accomplish that. To me, that’s a big drawback but its still a fantastic program as it is free. So how can you complain?.

Wrapping up

Well, all the software listed above is the best alternatives to GarageBand. You can choose any software all of them have their pros and cons. So it’s up to you and please let me know in the comment box that which one you have chosen.