100% Working – How to Download Garageband for PC? (Windows 10)

One of the best products by Apple Inc. to date, GarageBand is a free software that comes pre-installed in all the iOS & macOS devices. Popular among the music enthusiasts, GarageBand is a digital audio workstation that helps you create and record music from your in-house studio. It has all the features that make it a perfect replacement for an actual recording studio. With a variety of live loops, features like multi-touch, import & export, this is the most resourceful virtual studio.

GarageBand for PC – Why?

Now, because it is an Apple product, GarageBand is only accessible to iOS and macOS users. Simply put, there is no official version available for Windows as well as Android platforms. This fact can be a bit disheartening when you are a Windows user, but worry not! We are here to sort this out for you and suggest, not one, but two resolutions to this musical problem. Downloading Garageband for Windows 10 is just a few clicks away.

In this article, we will be reviewing two amazing software that helps in creating a platform so that GarageBand can be downloaded and accessed on your PC.

Methods to download GarageBand for Windows PC

Given the rising popularity of the software install, some indirect methods are available to help access GarageBand on a PC. Although these methods are not suggested on the official platforms, same are a popular go-to option for most of tech geeks.

So, the two software that we will be discussing here are: 1) using VMware, a software that creates a virtual macOS environment on a Windows PC, and 2) using Andy, an Android emulator that can imitate the macOS on a Windows as well as Android device.

Method 1 – Download Garageband on PC using VMWare

VMWare Workstation Player is a great substitute to an actual emulator and is capable of creating a macOS Sierra copy on your Windows system. With mandatory requirements to check its compatibility with the Windows, VMWare is a good choice. All you need is an Intel-based processor and an AMD-V supporting software to use this software.

The procedure

Step 1- Before we get to the main job, BIOS settings must be changed. In the Advanced BIOS Features, enable Virtualisation mode.

Step 2- Now, download the macOS Sierra file.

Step 3- After this, download the VMware Workstation Player. Double click and install the software. However, do not run the software yet.

Step 4- Extract the macOS Sierra software using WinRar.

Step 5- Navigate to macOS SierramacOS Sierra 10.12 toolsFinal Youtube Folderunlocker208.

Step 6- Search win-install on your PC. Run it as administrator.

Step 7- On the command prompt window give required permissions.

Step 8- Now, using the desktop shortcut, run VMWare Workstation Player. Once the dialog box opens up, click on the Open virtual machine option.

Step 9- Next, on the pop-up window, go to: Sierra > macOS Sierra 10.12 tools > Final Youtube Folder > macOS Sierra. 

Step 10- Double click on macOS 10.12 file. Select the Edit virtual machine option.

Step 11- After this, choose a valid number in the Processor Cores option. This is as per the system’s processor (ex. Select 2, if your PC has a duo-core processor)

Step 12- Select the RAM portion you’d wish to use for the VMWare. Now, click on OK and complete the procedure. (ex. For an 8 GB RAM, assign 4 GB to this machine)

Step 13- Once more start the VMWare Workstation Player. Click on the Play Virtual Machine option. (The screen will take 5-10 minutes to load the OS) 

Step 14- Now, in order to complete the setup, select your country from the dropdown list, and select Continue.

Step 15- Choose the language, as per your preference. Click on Continue. After this, opt for Don’t transfer any information now and move ahead.

Step 16- Now, select the Enable location option, as per your preference.

Step 17- Go to Create a new Apple ID, if you are new to this. However, existing user can simply use the Sign In option.

Step 18- Click on Agree to accept the Terms & Conditions. (For details, read the T&Cs by clicking on More)

Step 19- Click on the Set up later option, and continue.

Step 20- Choose timezone, as per your location. (This will take 10 minutes to complete the setup.)

Step 21- Now, on the App Store, search for GarageBand and install the app.

Once you are through the above steps, the best digital audio workstation is now readily available on your PC.

If you’re still facing any issue, refer to the video below:

Method 2 – How to Download Garageband on Windows 10 using Andy?

Andy is regarded as one of the most popular Android emulators for Windows. The software is easily available on the internet and does not require much effort to download GarageBand. To understand better, we have also shared the steps on how to go about it.

The procedure

Step 1- From the official website, you can download, and install, the Andy emulator for your Windows PC.

Step 2- Once the software has been installed, open the same. 

Step 3- Now, enter GarageBand in the search bar.

Step 4- From the results page, select the GarageBand option. Click on the app and install the same.

Step 5- After GarageBand is installed, go to Andy’s main page and click on the GarageBand icon and get started.

For further confusion, refer the video below: (I suggesting muting, as the video is directional and music is too loud.)

So, that is all you need to do to access this superb virtual studio on your PC, thanks to Andy. It is the easiest methods to install GarageBand on a Windows PC. Best thing, it doesn’t compromise on the software’s performance.

Features of GarageBand

Even though it is an easy-to-use software, it is important to understand the functioning of GarageBand. Hence, we have compiled a list of features that make GarageBand stand-out from the rest.

  • Audio recording: GarageBand allows you to make multi-take recordings. This way you get to record any of the song sections with about 32 tracks. 
  • Chord strips: The basic piano-style keyboard have been replaced with Chord Strips in GarageBand. These strips allow you to play chords with a simple one-tap, use notes that predefined in the key. These features can now be accessed using any external keyboard too. The feature is quite helpful for beginners.
  • Loops: With GarageBand comes a huge library of loops. These loops make the music creating process easier. The library is set into a menu with all sorts of music types such as World, Jazz, Rock/Blues, etc., and also in different mood settings such as clean, relaxed, intense, etc. 
  • Drum kit: Since drum tracks are difficult to record, and also very loud to other’s ears, GarageBand has a Drummer option that works well. All you have to do is select the option and choose from session players that do the drum tracks that’ll go with your track. A paid version with additional pack that gets you access to a wide selection of players, with a style of their own.
  • Third-party plugins: Last but not the least, GarageBand lets you access a lot of third-party plugins that can be added to create better quality music. There are special plugins specially designed for GarageBand such as Multiply, Blue Cat, SoundMagic Spectral, etc

Let’s talk about Alternatives for GarageBand-

Now, as much as we want to use GarageBand on a PC, a lot of times the procedures fail due to external factors. However, there a many amazing GarageBand alternatives that are designed keeping in mind Windows.

  • Audacity: One of the most popular, and apt alternatives for GarageBand is Audacity. It is a free-of-cost software that comes loaded with features such as live recording option, conversion of physical records into virtual recordings, multi-track editor, and more. With an easy-to-user interface, Audacity is compatible with Windows as well as Mac. Moreover, Audacity offers an editing option for file extensions such as WAV, MP2, MP3, etc. With a LAME MP3 library, this software lets you export audio files in the MP3 format.
  • Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio: Here is a digital audio workstation that is considered best for expert-level users. With in-built professional mixing skills, Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio is equipped with some amazing tools. It has over 1250 plug-ins that make it a complete ‘record-ready’ production package. Not just that, Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio also has XBass Bass Enhancer (a bass-enhancer obviously), Twisthead VS-206 Preamp & Mid-Side Harmonic Vitaliser+ (for the stereo imaging work), as the pillars that make this software a piece of work.
  • FL Studio: FL Studio is a popular DAW that is used by some of the best musicians today. This one has some interesting mode options such as step, note and drum mode. FL Studio is known for its Piano roll and is considered as one of the best ever. With audio send options, sidechain controls, effect chains, and more, this is a good choice. Also, it has a flexible playlist option that lets you organise all your tracks and keep you from getting worked up with too many tracks and sequences at one place. FL Studio also doubles up as a VST plugin, and has the most customizable user-interface. 
  • Cubase Pro– Last on our list is Cubase Pro, an excellent option for Windows users. It is yet another software used by some professional artists. With an intuitive user-interface, Cubase Pro is known for its outstanding audio quality. The Chord Pads, MediaBay project racks and MIDI editing tool make the entire music making experience better. This is a paid software with a 30-day trial option to help you gain access to its features.

More about Andy emulator
The Andy emulator was initially created to emulate Android environment onto various OS platforms. However, now it almost works like a connecting link between two different OS and can easily imitate any OS onto any platform. It has a good storage capacity and is popular for its compatibility with Windows as well as Mac. You can now play your favourite Android games such as Clash Royale, Free Fire, Cyber Hunter, etc. on your PC. 

One of the best things about Andy is that it lets you use your phone as a joystick control. That ways, you also get to use the multi-touch or the gyro function in gaming. Not only that, Andy also helps you access online chatting apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more. It also ensures that you get to experience the latest version of Android on to your computer screen. 

Some of its notable features include Cloud save option in Android, X86 native apps, camera, sensor, and microphone integration, desktop push notifications, and a lot more. With so many interesting features, Andy is a must-have app if you wish to use GarageBand, Android-games, and all your favourite apps, right on your Windows PC.

The endnote

As much as GarageBand officially is only meant for iOS & macOS users, the availability of such software is a boon for Windows user. There may or may not be an official version of GarageBand for other operating systems in near future, but we can still access this software, anytime. All you need to do is follow the steps, and install the DAW on your PC.